Treasure and Trust

Jesus challenges us to rethink the connection between passion and money. While we often assume that people’s money follows their passion, Jesus points out a surprising truth, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” (Luke 12:34). Our heart, our passion, follows our treasure.

When we give our time, our attention, and our money to something, our heart follows. We are drawn deeper into relationship with the people we spend our time and treasure on. We more closely keep track of and advocate for the ministries, service goals, and community causes that we support.

Jesus’ statement about how our hearts follow our treasure comes after a call to sell possessions and give money to the poor and before a parable about being prepared and attentive for when God shows up.

We lift up prayers and ask for God to feed the hungry, to provide for the poor, to bring peace and justice. Here Jesus is telling us, pray for God to feed the hungry, and be ready to share a meal with someone. Be awake and prepared for when God shows up and invites you to participate in God’s reconciling, peacemaking, life-giving work.

How can we possibly be prepared to face such intimidating tasks as supporting the poor, feeding the hungry, visiting the prisoner, working for justice for the oppressed, befriending those on the margins of society, living out our baptismal identity day in and day out? Because we have seen where God places God’s treasure, and therefore God’s heart. God gives his only begotten Son to the world so that all may have abundant life.

In the parable, when the master shows up and finds the servants waiting for his return, he defies expectations and serves them instead of simply demanding service from them. In baptism, God gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit. In Communion, we receive the real presence of Christ in bread and wine, body and blood.

Again and again, God shows us where God’s heart is, then invites and empowers us to put our treasure and our heart in the same places – near those who suffer, beside the sinner, among the poor, with us now.

Blessings on your week,
Pastor Drew


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